It started in early 2017. I needed a break from song writting for my other bands (Narchost and Dark Methodism) and wanted to try something different. After the first song "No Return", which which was also the first name of this project, was finished, more ideas just kept coming. By the end of 2017 I had about 4-5 songs done.


I continued with song writting during the next year and together with guest musicians Vladan Dvořák (guitar) and Jan Matzek (bass) recorded first demo "Misery and Pain". We tried to perform live with this project and after three sucesful gigs we decied to form the band regularly. The band's name was changed during the summer of 2018 in respect to French band No Return as well as for our desire for the band to bear a unique name. That name is Autumn Cold - the closest description of the feelings and emotions that we gave into our music. 

Under the new title we started recording our first EP Dust of Broken Dreams. After recording the bass Jan Matzek left the country for one year study-trip. Our line-up was completed with our friend Jana Tesaříková as new guitarist. After several months of rehearsals we started playing gigs again in November. In the meanwhile, I have recorded guitars and vocals for Dust of Broken Dreams.